Features & Benefits

One-stop solution

Accessible from anywhere



Able to track transactions



Much more affordable



Linked to a companion app

Cloud POS

The Cloud POS is a Point-of-Sales system that can be accessed online, from anywhere. It allows you to keep track of your transactions & sales, calculate VAT, generate reports and calculate profit margin.


The Cloud IM is an online software that helps you track, manage & organize the inventory. It allows you to keep track of stock, measure stock value, manage fast-moving products and generate reports for analysis.

Accessible from anywhere

Live inventory available

Linked to consumer/ companion app

Smart IM in companion app


A variety of payment options are available. You can accept pay cash payments or card payments or credit payments. Reports can be generated to track payments.

Card payment option integrated within POS

Accepts personal bank accounts

Credit payment option available; can be integrated with CRM

More flexibility with documents


The e-commerce platform allows stores to sell their goods on an online application. One of its features includes live inventory, as it’s linked to the IM & POS software. Another feature is that stores can choose what items to put online and their corresponding prices. Moreover, it sends push notifications to customers.

Each store has it’s own app

Linked to cloud POS & IM so it has live inventory

No charges on the products sold


App is customised for each store


Customer data is available to stores


The companion app is a mobile application that helps manage the store online. Its features include: Automated Inventory Reconciliation, live store data, linked to IM & POS, ability to track daily sales on the dashboard, ability to review all transactions, and track cash movements and payment methods.

Track daily sales on a dashboard

Review all transactions, track cash movements & payment methods

Automated inventory reconciliation

Access live store data which is linked to the cloud IM & POS

Your only compatible partner