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Cloud POS

The Cloud POS is a Point-of-Sales system that can be accessed online, from anywhere. It allows you to keep track of your transactions & sales, calculate VAT, generate reports and calculate profit margin.

Saves time by automatically calculating transaction costs & VAT

Saves money by avoiding manual calculation errors

Government regulations require stores to have POS system to avoid any potential fines/charges

You can access it anywhere, online


The Cloud IM is an online software that helps you track, manage & organize the inventory. It allows you to keep track of stock, measure stock value, manage fast-moving products and generate reports for analysis.

Know exactly which products to buy more of

Link inventory to e-commerce platform

You can access it from anywhere, online

Avoid miscalculation of inventory & manual errors



A variety of payment options are available. You can accept pay cash payments or card payments or credit payments. Reports can be generated to track payments.

Accepts payment on personal bank accounts

Track your customers credit 

Consistently track cash flow

Reduces the chances of error of manual cash calculation


The e-commerce platform allows stores to sell their goods on an online application. One of its features includes live inventory, as it’s linked to the IM & POS software. Another feature is that stores can choose what items to put online and their corresponding prices. Moreover, it sends push notifications to customers.

The store will have a digital presence

Retain customers online

Generate reports about customer preferences, most ordered products, etc.

Add a Title

Add a Title


The companion app is a mobile application that helps manage the store online. Its features include: Automated Inventory Reconciliation, live store data, linked to IM & POS, ability to track daily sales on the dashboard, ability to review all transactions, and track cash movements and payment methods.

You can access everything, online

One-stop solution to manage time, money, & inventory in the store

Keep track of the store from anywhere in the world

Features & Benefits

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Retail Stores

Stationary. Clothing. Electronic. Florists. Gift. Toy. Mobile. Smoking Tools. Auto Accessories.

Small Groceries

Supermarket. Corner Store. Food Store. Greengrocer. Food Mart. 

Convenience Store.

Service Shops

Laundry Shops. Cafeterias. Restaurant. Coffee Shops. Salons/ Barber.

Are you a part of any of the above? Local or Dark Store?

Business types 

Dukkantek has what every store needs to manage their business easily and efficiently.

Dark Stores

Grocery Dark Stores. With live inventory, no more substitution and unavailable items for your clients 

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Dukkantek has been a wonderful company i have ever joined or partnered with. They are the only company who tries to know the day to day activities of the shop. They try to figure out any challenges you are facing using their product. Im so happy to have partnered with them.


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I was facing problems before and Dukkantek were able to solve them so easily. I had a lot of difficulty doing the inventory by myself, Dukkantek was kind enough to do it with me. I was also facing issues with my pervious suppliers which they solved by getting me new and better suppliers.


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“ I was so happy to win the 5,000aed Baqala of the month award just for believing in them and using system, this award gave me assurance I made the right decision partnering with Dukkantek. I will keep using to benefit from their service.”



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